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Welcome to Well + Balanced OT!

Why well + balanced OT? I love occupational therapy, but graduate school can be very stressful and challenging! I created this site to share my health + wellness mindset as I navigate the balance between school, work and life. I am a certified yoga instructor who taught during grad school, prior CNA with hospital and SNF experience, and most recently an ACE Certified Health Coach! As these are all topics I enjoy, I tend to write about them as well as my journey into occupational therapy. You can find me on YouTube and social media @ Wellbalanced.OT!

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My first week of Fieldwork II: Outpatient rural setting

My first week of fieldwork has been a whirlwind of feeling like ‘what am I doing?… I know nothing.’ and other assorted internal dialogue that is both unproductive and self-defeating. I have been working on this mindset through challenging those automatic thoughts and rationalizing that there is a lot to learn and this is aContinue reading “My first week of Fieldwork II: Outpatient rural setting”

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Nice to meet you…

Hi, I’m Amber. Previously a Navy photojournalist, I became a full-time occupational therapy student in 2020. When I’m not spending time with my homework, I love exploring all things occupational therapy, yoga, coffee, hiking, and living a healthy and balanced life!